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Parkland Pregnancy Resource Center

Our online information center is designed to help educate, inform and point people in our community in the right direction so they can make informed decisions and get the help they need.

Great Mines Health Center (Farmington)

(573) 664-1100
Medical, Dental, and Behavioral Heath

West County Community Hope Center

(573) 631-8126
Provides access to area agencies and groups to support holistic healing.

Center for Life – Ste. Genevieve (PRC)

(573) 883-2088

Caring Hearts PRC – Potosi

(573) 436-2000

Parkland Hope Center

(573) 327-9200
Food and household items at a large discount. They offer a long-term self-sufficiency solution.

The Hub

(573) 747-0550
Gives back to the community and those in need through up-cycling.

Center for Life – Perryville (PRC)

(573) 547-3800

Hand n’ Hand – Barnhart (PRC)

(636) 464-8400


Parkland PRC

Last year, the Parkland PRC had 2,251 visits, provided 5,103 free services, and distributed 100,500 free resources through our “Earn While You Learn” program.

According to our moms, many of them did not have to buy diapers the entire time that they were clients at our resource center.

PRC's Nationally

In 2017, pregnancy resource centers provided nearly 2,000,000 men and women with free services.

The estimated cost savings for communities is at least $161 million annually thanks to pregnancy resource centers providing free health services, education, emotional/mental support, and material supplies.

More than 7 in 10 locations offer free ultrasounds.

1 in 4 locations offer STI/STD testing.

In 2017, 295,900 moms and dads attended parenting classes provided by pregnancy resource centers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need before baby?
These are things you will need on hand for a new baby:
newborn size diapers

  • Wipes
  • Car seat/Carrier
  • Onesies
  • Sleepers
  • Nursing bras and pads or formula and bottles
  • Baby towels and washcloths

New baby care needs can add up quickly. If you are pregnant our “Pregnancy and Birth” class will help you prepare for your new baby. Attending class and participating earns you points that you can use to get all of the items listed above.

How do I get my baby on a sleep schedule?

Babies need routine, but even so their sleep can be affected by many different factors. Find out more about sleep patterns, routines, and how to raise a “good sleeper” in our “First Year” class.

Do all toddlers throw tantrums?

All children have emotions that they deal with in different ways. It is important for you as a parent to know how to foster healthy emotions and how to handle tantrums when they arise. Our “Toddlers” class is perfect for parents wondering how to deal with the toddler years and all that comes with them.

What resources are offered for me, as a dad?

The Parkland Pregnancy Resource Center offers a class just for dads. Learn how to become a great father in our “Fatherhood” class.

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